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Preschoolers Program (4 to 6Yrs)


Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Music.

The moment a child wakes up, he or she is absorbing and learning from their surroundings. And nothing boosts a child’s learning abilities, be it emotionally, socially or intellectually, more than music.

Music Education is all about purposeful movements, singing and sharing ideas, which involves the whole child. This leads to children developing greater personal skills, along with life skills such as perseverance, self-regulation and the ability to focus, all of which will help make them well-rounded, confident people. As they progress in life, these life skills also make it easier for children to pick up other skills in areas like maths and sports. Research has shown that acquiring such life skills at this age is more important than early reading and literacy.

Young children are drawn to fun, and this is a vital aspect of learning as experts have noted that stressed kids are not able to learn. Most importantly, enjoyment from the game elements in our Music Factory Preschoolers Program helps them retain what they have learned, and a greater love for music.

Through the Music Factory Preschoolers Program, we will help unlock the boundless potential in every child such as:
•  Being communicative and confident through individual expression
•  Learning to build social skills through active participation
•  The ability to stop and think
•  Idea generation
•  Developing better balance, coordination and control

Music Factory Preschoolers Program

The Music Factory Preschoolers Program was designed for little musicians by a team of dedicated music educators and specialists, with three levels for children of various ages.

  • LEVEL 1 (4 Years): Let’s Rock!
    Designed for nursery children and above, this foundation level teaches them the basics of music. By the end of the first year, children should be able to keep to a Steady Beat, Understand Rhythm and Musical Concepts.
  • LEVEL 2 (5 Years): Let’s Have Fun!
    This level is suitable for children in K1 and above, and they will be taught to read Music Symbols, Music Terms and Music Forms. At the end of Year 2, children would have achieved music literacy and be able to read rhythmic notations.
  • LEVEL 3 (6 Years): Let’s Make Music!
    At this level, children will be taught to Identify and Notate Rhythms patterns and encouraged to make their own music. By the end of Year 3, they will be able to perform in a 2 to 3 part ensemble.


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