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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be the leading and most respected early childhood music education company in Singapore and Asia.

Our Mission

  • To provide schools with world-class early childhood music education programs based on sound pedagogy and comprehensive research.
  • To support the professional development of early childhood teachers with innovative and cutting-edge training in the teaching of music to children.
  • To make music education available to every child regardless of social and economic background.
  • To deliver the best tools and resources that help schools and teachers promote music education and foster a lifelong love for music in children.

Our Values

At the heart of Music Factory’s success are four core values:

  1. Delivering Real Value
    Our music education programs deliver real value to schools, teachers and parents. Our programs go beyond letting children enjoy music and movement to include activities that promote a child’s holistic development.
  2. Commitment to Quality
    Quality is integral in all we do at Music Factory. Every process from teacher selection, curriculum development to audit and programme implementation must meet stringent standards and best practices.
  3. Developing Our People
    We invest in our people and their professional development. We send them overseas to learn from the world’s most respected music education institutions – and we incorporate the new knowledge acquired in our programs.
  4. Resourcefulness
    We embrace challenges for they bring out the resourcefulness in us. At Music Factory, we are always adapting new methodologies, new ways of thinking and new research into our programs.

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