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Music Programs


Transforming Music Education

At Music Factory, music education means more than making music fun and enjoyable to children. Our music education programs are expertly designed to enhance a child’s social, cognitive and emotional development and psychomotor skills. Young children progress from learning simple musical notes to creating music with the help of musical instruments.

The innovative music curriculum developed by our founder, Roberta Anne Goh and her team of experienced early childhood specialists and music educators, is supported by the most current research on music and child development.

Our music programs fall into two categories:
1. Music programs for Babies and Toddlers (Birth – 3 Years)
2. Music programs for Preschoolers (3 – 6 Years)

Each program is carefully designed to help young children develop music skills sequentially, building on what was learnt before.

Give your early childhood program the competitive edge
If you are running a preschool, kindergarten or childcare centre, you need to be always one step ahead to succeed in this highly competitive early childhood industry.

Enhance your school curriculum
Join over 200 preschools, kindergartens and childcare centres in Singapore that use our innovative early childhood music education programs. Our programs comply with the Ministry of Education’s Kindergarten Curriculum Guide (KCG) guidelines.

Why Music Education Is Important

Researchers say early childhood music education fosters child development in four critical areas which can determine a child’s success in life:

  • Cognitive skills – Music training stimulates the same parts of the brain responsible for logical, analytical and mathematical thinking.
  • Affective skills – As children progress from notes learning to creating their own music, they develop greater self-confidence, better self-discipline and sharper concentration.
  • Physical skills – Through hand, eye and body coordination, and instrument playing, a child develops fine motor skills.
  • Social skills – Through playing and learning music in a group, a child learns cooperation and teamwork.

Verbal IQ scores were five times higher than 90 percent of preschoolers with music training than preschoolers who only had visual training.
- Study by the University of York and Royal Conservatory of Music

Enroll in our music programs today and learn from the best through our partnership with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada.