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How to Enroll

Music Factory programs are created with two different packages to meet the various needs of each school.

Package 1: Self-Sufficient Monthly Subscription

Music Factory will train your school’s own teacher to carry out the Music Factory Music Program. There is NO upfront financial commitment for this package option. The charge is based on per student/month. Music Factory will also provide all the necessary instruments to get the program started. There is NO NEED for the school to purchase any instruments. Teachers will have to undergo 4 trainings spread over 3 years.


  1. Knowledge stays within the school as the teachers are trained.
  2. Continuity is ensured. Any trained teacher can take over the program and continue where the other teachers have left off as our curriculum is systematic and methodical.
  3. It is the most cost effective way to carry out a professional music program because there is no need to incur additional headcount to carry out the program.

Package 2: Fully Outsourced

Music Factory will provide the teachers to carry out the Music Factory Music Program. All teachers provided by Music Factory will be qualified teachers who have undergone the full Music Factory Training Academy certification.

Music lessons will be carried out once a week by our qualified teachers and each lesson will be no more than 45 minutes. In addition to the music lessons, Music Factory will also prepare the students for one musical performance for the YEAR END concert.
(NOTE: Instruments used for the year-end concert will not be provided for.)


  1. Teachers do not need to be burdened with the responsibilities of carrying out the music program.
  2. Teachers have more free time to focus on the core subjects.


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