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Babies & Toddlers Program (Birth to 3Yrs)


Building your Baby’s Brain through Music.

As babies, we were soothed and entertained with music and songs by our parents. Yet, no one realized that sound which has been set to music or rhythm has a stimulating effect on an infant’s developing brain.

The womb is an amazing world of sounds and movement for babies. They can hear their parent’s voices, their mother’s heartbeat and this is where their senses are enhanced and developed. Babies need constant stimulation to develop cognitively, but as they are wrapped up when they come into this world, they don’t experience the same stimulation they did in the womb.

This is where music comes in. As newborn babies can’t really see that well, music is vital to their development. Music lessons are also a natural extension of the wonderful aural experiences a baby feels in the womb. Experiences with music create pathways between the babies’ brain cells, and these early neuron connections will form the basis for a child’s learning in school.

Most importantly, the stress-free environment coupled with the fun and simple activities in our programs will give babies a strong foundation to learn important skills as they grow up.

Music Factory Babies & Toddlers Program

The Music Factory Babies & Toddlers Program was designed for both babies and adults by a team of dedicated music educators and specialists, to boost infant development and create bonding opportunities for parents and child.

  • Birth – 12 months: Babies Groove
    From day one, babies learn very quickly to communicate with their coos, babble, cries and laughter. Our babies’ class help to stimulate their brain activity further by giving them more opportunities to express themselves with the help of music and other activities such as lap bounces and tickles.
  • 12 – 24 months: Toddlers Move
    By now, toddlers are ready for early language development. Songs and rhymes will teach them rhythm and beats, and concepts like quick/slow, loud/soft. They will learn the difference between language and sounds. Being in a social setting also prepares them for a classroom environment in the later years.
  • 24 – 36 months: Let’s Sing and Dance!
    Activities in this class are geared towards developing gross motor skills as well as understanding concepts through dramatized actions. By playing instruments independently in a fun environment, the children acquire a sense of accomplishment and confidence.


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